Annual Awards-OCVFA

These are the Past Award Receipents of our Annual Awards given out at our annual banquet:

Clyde Belge Award -George Haney 1999, Al Zoanetti-1999, Ernie Kurtz-2000, Jim Forger-2000, Irv Quinn-2000, George Haney-2000, Dick Beach-2001, Richard Perkins-2002, Mike Ryan-2003, Tim Botz-2004, Marty Thomas-2005, Earl Delore-2006. Paul Dufault-2006, Dave Fitch-2007, Rich Webster-2007, Dave Van Marter-2009, Gordy Kotars-2010, Paul Dufault-2011, David Blair-2012. Mike Block-2013

Bill Barden Award-Larry James-1999, Ken Pienkowski-2000, William Renshaw-2001, Harold Smith-2002, David Blair-2003, Jeff Martin-2004, Steve Kay-2005, Tim Botz-2005, Irv Quinn-2006, John Dugan-2007, Ken Pienkowski-2008, Mike Block-2009, Jeff Martin-2010 , Mike Caron 2011. Dee Spraker-2012, Warren Darby-2013


Notices for Website

If you have a notice or event you would like published on the OCVFA website or correspondence of any type to be send to 305 Skyview Terrace, Syracuse, New York 13219, please forward your information to Dee Spraker at  Thank you. 

Pub Ed Trailer

All information on our Pub Ed Trailer is on our web site under Pub Ed Trailer, please check  to make sure the date you wish to use it has not been taken, if the date is not listed, please email me or send me a letter to 305 Skyview Terrace, Syracuse, New York 13219 with date, time and contact person, I will check and contact you to confirm.  Also, when you use our trailer at your open house or other event, please treat it like it is yours, sweep it out and pick up all debris that has accumulated while you use it, please leave it clean for the next person.  We are having a lot of problems with departments leaving trash and not sweeping out the trailer. Please consider the cost of fuel that we use transporting this trailer all around the County,  the fuel for Generator and tow vehicle has skyrocketed, if you can find it in your departments budget to send us a small donation to cover fuel and supplies for the trailer. Thank you,

Scholarship Awards

The Committee of our Scholarship Awards has met and picked our winners for 2013-2014,  Winners have been notified and scholarships will be presented at our July Board Meeting.

Upcoming Events

Every 3rd Wednesday
Membership Meetings

Every 2nd Wednesday
Board of Directors Meeting

Thu. May 15th 2014

Sat. Jun 7th 2014

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Onondaga County Volunteer Firemen's Association
President John Roder, P O Box 345
Solvay, NY  13209



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 OCVFA Officers
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2013- 2014 OCVFA Officers

Past President Manny Falcone
(315) 487-6056

Honorary member Solvay Fire Department, Active Member and Life Member (28+ years) in Lakeside Fire Department, holding all firematic offices includikng 10 years in the Chief's office and 3 years as Chief.  Served 2 years as 2nd Vice President of OCVFA.  Member of Onondaga County Fire Advisory Board.  Chairperson of the Onondaga County Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial.

Employed since 1994 by Village of Solvay Electric Department, currently lineman B (top class in Village).  AFCME local 815.  Founding member of Red Knights Motorcycle Club, which raises money for abused and maimed children in our community.  Recently completed writing town-wide disaster plan.  Participate in children's school functions.


President John Roder
(315) 699-1389

Life member and past Chief of Hinsdale Fire department, served as Secretary/Treasurer for Hinsdale Fire District for Many years, Past President of Onondaga County Fire Districts, member; FASNY, Central NY Firemen's Association, Onondaga County Fire Chief's Board of Directors, NYS Chief's Association, Board of director Fire Prevention Education Center State Fair, Northern Central NY Volunteer Firemen's Association trustee director.


1st Vice President Gordon Kotars
(315) 447-1208 (cell)

Past Chief, Past President, 33-year Life member Taunton Fire Department and committee Vice Chair of FASNY Public Relations, member and 1st  VP OCVFA, Public Relations Chairman OCVFA, member OCFPA,  OCFCA, member and Publicity Chairman of CNYFA, member and Vice Chair of Public Relations NCNYFA.Past President Fire Training Center, Town of Onondaga, Inc.  Member Town of Onondaga Sprinkler Review Board, parish council member, Most Holy Rosary Church ,, , Married 36 Years, wife Colleen and two Children.


Treasurer Dave Blair
(315) 487-1244

Life member of Fairmount Fire Department and Past Board of Directors for Fairmount.  Recently elected Vice President of the Firemen's Home Board of Trustees.


Secretary Dee Spraker
(315) 488-0762

Life member and Past President of Fairmount Firemen's Auxiliary, held other offices of Treasurer and Vice President.  Active member of LAOCVFA, Co-chairman of Ladies' Pushball, member of LAFASNY, currently Secretary of both OCVFA & OCFCA.



 Firefighter and Secretary of Southwood Fire Dept., Assistant Secretary-OCVFA- Joanne VanSlyke



2nd Vice President Mike Caron,

Member Elbridge Fire Company (1984-1987), transferred to Jordan Fire Department (1987-1990). Moved to Village of Elbridge in 1990 and transferred membership back to Elbridge Fire Department (1990-present). Served as Vice President (1 year) and became President in 2007 until present. Also current member of FASNY, OCVFA, OCFCA, OCFPA, VFPASNY and NCNYVFA. Employed as Financial Representative with Pricipal Financial Group and work with anyone in volunteer fire service. Will do seminars for fire departments as well.




Jeb Bealer, Director

Member and Past Chief of the Howlett Hill Fire Dept.



Earl  D. DeLore, Director
(Member, Bridgeport Fire Department)


Bill Harris-Director 

member of the Fayetteville Fire Department and  President- County Fire Police Assn.


Mike Andrews, Director

Member of the Pompey Hill Fire Department



Jeff Martin, Director

Member of Taunton Fiire Department,  President of Central NY Firemen's Association



Marty Pine, Director

Member of Bridgeport Fire Department


David Van Slyke-Director

Active member and EMT with the Southwood Fire Department, currently holds the position of 2nd deputy Chief. Past Offices held 1st Lieutenant, Treasurer and Past Board of Directors of Department. Currently sits on Board of Directors at EAVES, member EAVES rehab team, current member of Onondaga County Fire Police Assoc. Past member of the Jamesville Fire Department and West Monroe Fire Dept in Oswego County. Presently on the following committees with OCVFA Bowling Tournament, County Awards, Legislative Breakfast, NYS Fair Fire Education Booth, and Scholarship.


Tina Cali-Director

President & member of the Nedrow Fire Dept.


 David Steinberg-Dewitt Fire Dept.


Sergeant-at-arms Marty Thomas

Member of Memphis Fire Dept.

Past President Of Onondaga County Volunteer Firemen's Association


Assistant Sergeant-at-arms -



Chaplin Reverend Jack Kissel
(315) 468-1427

Solvay Fire Department



A....OCVFA Board Meetings

Board Meetings start at 6:30 PM

         April 9, 2014 @ Bridgeport Fire Dept.

  • May 14, 2014 @ Elbridge Fire Dept.
  • June 11, 2014 @
  • September, 2014 @


A...O.C.V.F.A. Membership

Membership Meetings

Food and Refreshments at 1900 hours with meeting starting at 1930 hours.


  • April 16, 2014 @ Tully Fire Dept.
  • County Draw for Sports will be May 18th @ 1 PM (Minoa Field)
  • May 28, 2014 @ Minoa Fire Dept.
  • Convention @ Minoa  May 29th through May 31st
  • September, 2014 @

Fire Police Meetings

Current Officers:,  President Bill Harris(, Vice President-Linda Lawton, Secretary Don Amerman, Treasurer Chuck Pickard,  Directors-Donald Bender, Ronald Forss, Eugene Sweet(Chair), Paul DuFault, Bernie Stolusky,Nicholas Erard,

Sgt at Arms-John Lewis, Sr. & Louise Schmidt, Past Presidents-Jeff Martin, Jim Rusin, Chuck Pickard, Bernie Stolusky, Bob Beamish


Social Hour 1900 hours,
Meeting @ 1930 hours


  March 12th- Liverpool Fire Dept., April 9th- Jamesville Fire Dept., May 14th-Clay FD,  June 11-Belgium Cold Springs FD, September 10th-Mottville Fire Dept., October 8th-Warners Fire Dept., November 12-Howlett Hill Fire Dept., December 10th-Skaneateles Fire Dept.

March 15th Annual Thomas F. With-VFPASNY Fire Police Training and Educations Seminar, Montour Falls, NYS Academy of Fire Science.

May 1 through May 4th 60th Annual Fire Police Convention-Seneca Alleghany Hotel and Conference Center-Salamanca, New York

Northern Central

Meeting and banquet Dates

  (January19, 2013- Dresden) April 6th-TBA

Northern Section

, ,, March 5th-Bridgeport, April 2nd-Moyers Corners Fire Dept., May 7th-Baldwinsville Fire Dept. # 1 with Election of Officers.

President Donald Mackey, Vice President-Dan Izzo, Secretary Scott Leavery, Treasurer-Paul Dufault

Onon. County Emergency MG

Onondaga County Emergency Mgmt,Division 4 & 5 Meeting Schedule

April 2nd @ Fayetteville Fire Dept.

June 4th @ East Syracuse # 2

October 1st @ Minoa Station # 1

December 3rd @ Dewitt Fire Department.

Onon. County Ladies Aux.

The next meeting of the Onondaga County Firemen's Association Ladies Auxiliary will be held on Tuesday evening MARCH 18th 7:30 PM.


New Slate of Officers for 2013-2014

President Christina Sudol, Vice President Bobby McBride, Financial Secretary-Mary Kay Spears, Secretary Kelly Slowick, Treasurer-Sandy Dugan, 1 yr. director-Ann Hogan, 2 yr director-Michael Babb, 3 yr. director Emily Sudol, Jr. Past President-Kathleen Heighton, Chaplain-Elizabeth Pettitt

Onondaga Co Fire Chiefs

Scheduled Meetings for 2014- ., March 26th-Solvay # 1, May 21st (one week earlier due to County Firemen's Convention)-May 21st-Spafford Fire Dept., July 30th Jamesville Fire Dept. September 24th Hinsdale Fire Dept., November 26th (eve of thanksgiving), January 28, 2015 Skaneateles Fire Dept.

  Round Table Discussion- scheduled- April 30th-Southwood, June 25th Jamesville, August 27th-Navarino, October 29th-Minoa # 1.

2013 Current Officers

 President Ray Dill, 1st Vice President David Steinberg,2nd Vice President-Melissa Abend  Treasurer David Van Marter, Secretary Dee Spraker (, North Director-John Roder, East Director-Ed Visser, West Director-Joe Marcheterre, South Director-Ron Wheatley, City-Paul Linnertz, Immediate Past President Roger Spraker, Fire Advisory, EMS Advisory-Rick Neimier.

Southern Section Meetings

Membership Meetings  2013



June 27th- South Onondaga

July 25th -Apulia

August 15th Delphi Falls

September 26th Pompey

October 24th Tully

November 2nd Banquet at Nedrow


February@Sentinenal Heights

March@Lafayette Fire Dept.

April@Jamesville Fire Dept.

May @ Southwood Fire Dept.

June -Onondaga Nation

Western Section

Western Section will change their monthly meetings to quarterly meeting, the Next meeting to be


March 5, 2014 @ South Onondaga Fire Dept., June 4th @ Taunton Fire Dept. (which will be show and tell your new appartus) Managed web hosting for Fire/EMS


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